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Blue Oyster “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit

Blue Oyster “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit

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Blue Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Discover the art of mycology with our Blue Oyster Mushroom fruiting block. Each fully colonized block, weighing around 5lbs, is primed for cultivation, presenting both novices and experienced growers with an enriching hands-on mushroom growing experience.

Features and Benefits:

• Swift Delivery: Although we request a lead time of 1-2 weeks, most orders are ready within 2-3 days. For specific delivery requirements, connect with us at 443-961-1067.

• Beginner’s Gem: The reliability of Oyster varieties makes this kit ideal for beginners. Professionals eyeing farmer markets or needing consistent yields for restaurants will also find our block indispensable.

• Bountiful Harvest: Expect robust yields with multiple flushes, giving you pounds of fresh mushrooms.

Nutritional & Medicinal Value:

• Rich Nutrient Profile: Blue Oyster mushrooms boast high protein content, a range of B vitamins, and all essential amino acids.

• Medicinal Potential: Several studies have highlighted the mushroom’s anti-tumor activities, ability to reduce cholesterol, and inhibit diseased cell growth. Its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to modulate homeostatic function, and regulation of pain and inflammation-mediating prostaglandins further underline its health benefits.

Safety Precautions:

• Ensure you cook freshly harvested mushrooms thoroughly. If sampling Blue Oyster for the first time, begin with a small portion, even when cooked, to check for potential allergies.

• As mushrooms produce spores, consider placing the kit outdoors or in a ventilated area, especially if you’re allergic or have compromised immunity. To minimize spore exposure and potential respiratory irritation, consider harvesting mushrooms during their younger growth stages.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated the statements made here. This product isn’t intended for medical diagnosis or treatment. Always consult a healthcare expert before introducing new items to your routine.

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