Gourmet Mushrooms Grown with Care

"Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom." - Thomas Carlyle

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In the Classroom!

It was a pleasure to teach the amazing students of Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School about the health benefits of mushrooms and their functions on this planet it was an honor for us and BaltiSpore LLC thanks you.

mom taught me not to play with my food but these oyster mushrooms from BaltiSpore LLC are too much fun !

Niio N.

Our 2nd graders learned all about mushrooms yesterday. Thank you BaltiSpore LLC! ..Nuestros estudiantes de 2do grado aprendieron todo sobre los hongos ayer. ¡Gracias BaltiSpore LLC!

Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School

my daughter got to try a "beef jerky" mushroom. she said it was interesting :)

Heather M.N.

Meet the Team

Harriet Harris

Harriet went to school for organic agricultural food systems and greenhouse management at Washington State University, and is now completing their degree in education, with the hopes of bringing agricultural education to the DMV area.

They worked in the greenhouse industry for the last five years before making the leap to farming and growing mushrooms. They fell in love with mushrooms while out West, where they spent every free moment hiking. In their free time they like to roller skate, go foraging, and garden.

Michael Holcomb

Michael grew up in the mountains of Gambrill State Park in Frederick, MD where he gained a huge appreciation for the forest and fungi that grows within them. He is a true entrepreneur with a plethora of ideas. He owns and operates Complete Climate Services LLC which has led to amazing opportunities for growth. He has opened Cultivated Creations, a plant and art boutique in Fells point and was able to leverage his relationships to start Baltispore, LLC.

Michael is fascinated by the health benefits that mushrooms can bring. He used medicinal mushrooms and western medicine to help aid him in a speedy recovery from cancer. He believes we are only scratching the surface of understanding the all the benefits behind this natural wonder.

He wants to help educate others on the health benefits and ecological benefits of all types of mushrooms in order to strengthen the community around him.

He has built a first of its kind laboratory in Baltimore making BaltiSpore the first gourmet mushroom farm in the city.

Chris Ellis

A Vermont native and JMU graduate, Chris has spent his post grad career learning the ins and outs of operating a variety of businesses as a manager, sales person and small business consultant.

He resides in Baltimore with his girlfriend and two puppies. He loves being active, adventures, activities and sports, especially golf. He also produces music in his spare time with the group known as "Write Hooked".