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MADE-TO-ORDER: Ready in 1-2 weeks

MUSH FLUSH™ Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate

Elevate your mushroom cultivation with our MUSH FLUSH™ substrate bag, meticulously crafted for dung-loving fungi. Our blend combines horse manure, vermiculite, gypsum, and coco coir. We pasteurize this mix at 206°F for 12 hours, ensuring a pristine growing medium for your mushrooms. Each bag is carefully sealed for freshness and effectiveness.

Versatile Use:
Ideal for monotubs, outdoor beds, or direct growth in the bag. Simply introduce your colonized grains into the bag in a sterile environment and reseal it.

Recommended Grain Spawn Ratio:
Use 1 to 1.5 lbs of colonized grain spawn per 5 lb substrate bag.

Sterility & Usage:
For best results, use the bag immediately in a clean, sterile environment such as a glove box, using the Oven Technique, or in front of a flow hood. Ensure all areas are well sanitized and adhere to standard mycological sterile practices.

Your satisfaction is paramount. If the substrate is compromised prior to inoculation, we'll replace it.

If immediate use isn't possible, store at room temperature away from direct sunlight for no longer than two weeks. We cannot guarantee success past this ideal window.

Crafted by Experts:
Our substrate is produced in a sterile lab ensuring top-notch quality.

New to Mushroom Cultivation?
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