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Lions Mane “Ready-To-Fruit” Grow Kit

Lions Mane “Ready-To-Fruit” Grow Kit

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

Dive into the fascinating world of mycology with our fully colonized, ready-to-grow Lion’s Mane Mushroom fruiting blocks. Each kit, weighing approximately 5lbs, promises an authentic hands-on experience, making mushroom cultivation accessible and enjoyable for both beginners and experts.

Features and Benefits:

• Timely Delivery: Most orders are ready within 2-3 days, but please allow up to 1-2 weeks for fulfillment. For specific deadlines, reach out to us at 443-961-1067.
• Beginner-Friendly: Lion’s Mane mushrooms are reliable producers, making this kit perfect for newcomers. Plus, for seasoned growers aiming for market sales or bulk cultivation for restaurants, our blocks are a trustworthy choice.
• Multiple Flushes: Expect consistent yields with several harvests, producing pounds of quality mushrooms.
• Easy Instructions: Your grow kit comes with clear, step-by-step guidance right on the box.

Unique Culinary & Medicinal Traits:

• A Culinary Delight: Lion’s Mane offers a texture reminiscent of fresh crab meat. Try substituting it in a crab cake recipe for a vegan, Maryland-inspired treat. And, of course, a sprinkle of old bay elevates the flavor!
• Medicinal Prospects: Celebrated in traditional wellness circles, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are currently being explored for potential benefits to neurological health, including potential impacts on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Safety First:

• Always cook your freshly harvested mushrooms thoroughly. If trying Lion’s Mane for the first time, start with a modest portion to check for potential allergies.
• Mushrooms produce spores naturally. Those with allergies or compromised immunity might consider placing the kit in a well-ventilated spot or outdoors. Harvesting mushrooms in their younger stages can help reduce spore exposure, minimizing potential respiratory irritation.

Disclaimer: The FDA hasn’t evaluated these statements. This product isn’t a substitute for healthcare advice and isn’t intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. Always seek advice from a healthcare professional when introducing new products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
marsha ellis

Great tinctures, great grow kits, I’m on my second harvest of Lion’s Mane. I made “crab” cakes from their recipe and they were delicious.

Kikko Murray
crab cake recipe!

I followed the recipe on the box and it turned out great. The texture of Lion’s Mane is very similar to crab.