BaltiSpore Locals' Harvest

Discover BaltiSpore's Locals' Harvest, a curated selection of mushroom cultivation essentials available exclusively for our Baltimore neighbors. This collection is designed for those who share our passion for mycology and sustainable gardening. From nutrient-rich Wine Cap Grain to our efficient MUSH FLUSH™️ Substrate and versatile Bulk Grain Bags, each product is crafted with care by our team of expert mycologists. Perfect for the urban gardener, eco-enthusiast, or culinary adventurer, these locally sourced and produced items are available for pickup at Cultivated Creations in Fells Point. Dive into the world of mushroom cultivation and join our community of local growers and foragers who are pioneering urban agriculture in Baltimore.

  • Baltimore Farmers' Market

    Sundays 7am-12pm

    Underneath the Jones Falls Expressway (JFX I-83) at 400 E. Saratoga Street. Ample parking is available throughout the duration of The Market.

  • Cultivated Creations

    Our sister store. Carrying BaltiSpore Grow Kit, Tinctures & In House Merchandise (did you know our lab is in the back?)

  • B.Willow

    Carrying BaltiSpore Grow Kits

  • Cultivate Garden & Goods

    Carrying BaltiSpore Grow Kits

  • Gardener’s Supply Company

    Our grow kits are featured in their product catalog and we are proud to be partners with the people at Gardener’s!