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Sterile Manure-Based Mushroom Bulk Substrate


Our MUSH FLUSH™️ all in one substrate bag specially formulated for Dung loving mushrooms is a sterile mix of horse manure, vermiculite, gypsum and coco coir sterilized at 206 degrees for 24 hours then sealed and sent for use. 


Use your Sterile Bag in monotubs, outdoor beds, or to grow mushrooms directly in the nag by adding your colonized grains directly into the bag in a sterile environment and then reseal the bag. 


Adding Your Grain Spawn:


We recommended 1-1.5 lbs of colonized grain spawn for each 5 lb bag. 

It is highly recommended to use the bag immediately and in a clean and sterile environment. Glove box, Oven Technique, and or in front of a flow hood. Clean all areas very well and follow standard sterile practices for mycology work. 


Have no worries as your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If your substrate was compromised in shipping we will replace it. 



If for some reason you can't use your bag immediately then your bag should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. 


Made by people that care and know what they are doing in a sterile laboratory that’s tested weekly for particle count. 


New To Mushrooms?


Text us, email  or call us anytime for questions. That's right text or call and get one of the owners on the line!!! 

Customer service is our expertise.







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