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Wine Cap Mushroom Grain~

Wine Cap Mushroom Grain~

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5 pound bag

We are very excited for you to get growing with us and improve your garden yields and soil health. Our sterile Wine cap grain is a soil remediator and helps clean the soil and in turn helps the plants that feed from the soil grow large and plentiful crops.

You also will get a yield of tasty mushrooms!!!

If this is your first time using grain spawn in your garden we have detailed instructions below.

1- Place your first layer of substrate down ( hay or wood chips or both., and then spnnkle the
wine cap spawn (broken into pieces) on top.
2- Add another layer of substrate. More layers are better 2-3 inches per layer alternating layers
of straw, spawn, and wood chips. The top layer should be wood chips
3- Water daily and plant your garden as usual.
4- Expect mushrooms in the fall and just know that the white mycelium and mushrooms are a
good thing :)

(Other mushrooms do grow in gardens and not all are edible so do not eat any mushrooms
without 100% identifying them

Follow mushroom identifying groups on fb and or grab mushroom identifying literature to lea
more about identifying mushrooms.

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