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Wine Cap Mushroom Grain

Wine Cap Mushroom Grain

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Product: Wine Cap Mushroom Grain (5 lb bag)

Lead Time: Please allow 2-3 weeks for all orders.

Boost your garden's productivity and soil health with our sterile Wine Cap grain spawn. This soil remediation agent helps purify the soil, leading to improved plant growth and abundant crops. Plus, you'll enjoy a delicious yield of gourmet mushrooms!

If you're new to using grain spawn in your garden, follow these detailed instructions:

  1. Lay down the first layer of substrate (hay, wood chips, or both), and sprinkle broken pieces of Wine Cap spawn on top.
  2. Add another layer of substrate, alternating between 2-3 inch layers of straw, spawn, and wood chips. Finish with a top layer of wood chips.
  3. Water daily and plant your garden as usual.
  4. Expect mushrooms in the fall, and remember that white mycelium and mushrooms are beneficial!

Note: Other mushrooms can grow in gardens, but not all are edible. Do not consume mushrooms without 100% identification. Join mushroom identification groups on social media or refer to identification literature to learn more about recognizing various mushroom species.

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